A technological approach to culture change

Transformation Cloud™ is a technology platform built on 35 years of expertise in cultural change. It supports the creation of high performing, safe and sustainable workplaces by providing insights, analysis and roadmaps for success.

Image depicting JMJ's Transformation CloudImage depicting JMJ's Transformation CloudImage depicting JMJ's Transformation CloudImage depicting JMJ's Transformation Cloud

Transform leadership and culture with confidence

Every company is unique, so our analytics are designed to give you a customized roadmap for sustainable change.

We begin by helping you understand why things are the way they are. With these insights, you can identify traits your best-performing people, projects and locations have in common. But data alone doesn’t create culture change, JMJ helps you translate insights into actions which can be monitored and sustained within the platform.

Deploy diagnostics created by experts

Choose from our ever-growing list of cultural analytics products based on over 35 years of industry knowledge and expertise.

Illustrated creenshots of DEV:Q™
Illustrated creenshots of DEV:Q™

Reveals the differing perspectives that impact performance.


simple and digestible, with no right or wrong answers


of leadership capability and organizational alignment


and over 9000 completed assessments provide validation

Illustrated creenshots of High-Performance Project™ Diagnostic
Illustrated creenshots of High-Performance Project™ Diagnostic
High-Performance Project™ Diagnostic

Provides a consistent way to check charters are understood and adopted. 


based on the Likert scale of agreement


to help increase performance of any project team


teamwork, integrity, accountability, intentions and fulfillment

Illustrated creenshots of Safety Perception Diagnostic
Illustrated creenshots of Safety Perception Diagnostic
Safety Perception Diagnostic

Highlights cultural variables that can predictably impact change.


based on the Likert scale of agreement


monitored to impact cost, time, performance and risk


and over 100,000 responses provide validation

Manage a feature-rich cultural analytics platform

Diagnose the individual mindsets and behaviors that shape your culture. Develop a customized blueprint to achieve the outcomes you want. Sustain changes in  alignment, perception and sentiment over time.

Track organizational growth and progress over time

With our user-friendly interface, setting up your profile and defining locations and departments is simple.

The intelligent timeline serves as an ongoing log of activity which is accessible to profile managers and can be used to keep administrators informed.

Conduct assessment and survey activity with ease

Users can be invited to complete diagnostics anonymously or from their personal profile.

Progress can be tracked from a single dashboard that shows invites, real-time activity, completion, and response statistics.

Gain a deeper understanding of your culture

The diagnostic tools in Transformation Cloud generates a large amount of data which can be used to understand how mindsets and perspectives impact performance and risk. The platform offers database-like features to search, filter, and compare this data and build custom groups for benchmark analysis.

Get clear direction from automated reporting

Transformation Cloud diagnostics generate data  that offers insights through dashboards, exports, and an API for ongoing data streaming. These tools allow for comparison of results and more accurate prediction of future performance.

You’re in good company. Transformation Cloud is built on JMJ’s experience as a trusted partner to major companies and projects worldwide, including:

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